Xbox One Game Preview launch on August 16th and free expansion!

Dear Exiles,

We have lots of exciting news for you today! Soon you will be able to play Conan Exiles on Xbox One and enjoy a ton of new content in an all free expansion!

On the 16th of August, we are launching Conan Exiles on Xbox One Game Preview. The Xbox One version of the game will include the same content as the PC version, and will get all the same updates.

On August 16th we are also introducing a brand new and free expansion! The game world is expanded by roughly 50% as a whole new area is added to the Exiled Lands.

The expansion is completely free for everyone who has bought Conan Exiles and is included in the game at no extra cost for everyone who buys Conan Exiles in the future (on any platform).

Enjoy the first teaser of the upcoming expansion here:

Funcom is also excited to share that it will be updating Conan Exiles for the Xbox One X at a later date, taking advantage of the system’s superior hardware power to bring the world of Conan the Barbarian to life in beautiful 4K resolution.

Today, Wednesday June 14th, Funcom will be live on the Xbox E3 Daily Show to talk about the upcoming Xbox launch. Fans can tune into the Xbox livestream channel between 1pm PST and 2pm PST where Funcom will also drop a few additional hints at the expansion update content.

See new screenshots from the upcoming expansion here: